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If you are on Tik Tok, you must be well aware of the hot Bella Poarch. The girl who has over 22 million followers celebrated her 24th birthday this year. It is common for a celebrity to get their nudes leaked online, but Tik Tok star Bella nudes are undeniably the steamiest.

But before we show you the naked celebrity, there are some things that you must know about her.

Bella is an Aquarius which means she isn’t afraid to show off in public and get anybody in her comfort zone and understanding body language. You may not know this, but she was also enlisted in the US Navy in 2015.

This influencer/model is about 5 feet 2 inches tall and hails from the Philippines. This Filipina star moved to the US when she was just 13 and is currently living in Los Angeles. This hot young star has also lived in Hawaii and Texas.


Bella Joined TikTok in April 2020. Very little is known about the amount of money she has earned over the year. You would be glad to know that this busty model is single and isn’t involved in any relationships. In September 2020, the young star became a part of a controversy when she got a Red Sun tattoo. She received major backlash as her Korean fans called the tattoo racist and highly offensive. The tattoo is a symbol of colonial rule and Japanese militarism. Bella soon apologized through Twitter and said that she’d be scheduling for the removal of the tattoo.

The star also collaborated with Rapper Tyga for a TikTok video. Rumor has it that things got intense between this petite TikTok star and Young playboy Rapper during the shoot. Apart from TikTok, Bella is also on Twitter and Instagram. Sadly, she doesn’t have OnlyFans, but you can still watch Bella Poarch’s nudes.

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There’s a recent video of Bella that leaked online but soon got deleted. And it isn’t the only video that you can see. There are plenty of other leaked pictures and videos where the TikTok star can be seen flaunting her sexy body.

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